8/3/2018 - New family members and a happy life

This is our beautiful doggie Kali, she's a chinese crested and she's about 10 years now. She's crazy but the cutest~
This is Bobbi and he's about 11 years. A very good dog, but sometimes kind of naughty. We love him to bits anyway and his adorable little tongue he has out a lot, haha~
Our newcomers, Lucifer the blue one and Morgana who is a lot shyer than him. They're about two months
This is me and my mate, and I can finally say that after all these years I've finally found my actual twin flame. I know I've been confused or wished to have found him sooner in other people but now I'm certain and we've both started our lives together. I've left behind me the life I was unhappy in and am taking a huge step towards happiness with my own family and it feels great. There's a lot ahead for us all and I'll try to get here sometime to update this blog as I do love it's here and I can go back to it and look at my memories in words and pictures. It's a deep feeling so to speak.
I've moved further north, where it's a lot of snow during the winter. They say this year has been worse but I do love all the winter landscape and how much more close it is to nature than in Skövde and another great thing is that we all live in a house. One day soon hopefully we'll also be getting our own house without some relative there too but just us and our fur and feather babies.
What else is there to say? Well, I can finally be my fullest self with someone with all that I have within me and who I am. I no longer have to worry about not being able to share all of that has to do with the supernatural, because he will never judge me and we do understand eachother in many different levels. I know we've had an extremly hard time thanks to someone whom I had to distance myself to eventually since it got too much. If you don't like us as a couple, not our problem. I'm happy and I'm not letting anyone take that away from me again.
Thanks for checking in, till next time, blessed may you all be~

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