8/4/2018; The time has come

Busy busy, but here we are again with another post a month later. I'm not too active around here but I still try my best whenever I can. So far we are mainly waiting for the summer and snow to melt, then we'll go ahead with all our plans for supporting ourselves. It's a surprise so I can't really write it here even though there aren't that many coming past my blog that much nowadays.
Moving up to the north was the best choice I've ever made. Me and my mate are happier than ever and feels as though we have come closer to one another too. It's a great feeling and I also love the fact we have our small little family. Three dogs and four birds. Can't wait till we move to our own house in a soon future and travel to America. That'll be just as amazing.
I don't quite know what else to say besides the fact I'm going to take more pictures here on out, especially when summer comes so be prepared for that!
When I look at you, I know we belong together. You and I forever ~
Me standing on top of icy snow! Didn't fall through until I walked too far in~
Some pictures of when we went to visit Sol who is my mate's mother's parrot~
These pictures is of when we went on our nightwalk and regular day walk during the fullmoon~
.....along with our feather babies, Lucifer and Morgana
A kiss to my sweet wolf~
I absolutely adore our dogs!
.....along with our feather babies, Lucifer and Morgana
We also got two new members a while ago; Tito and Meteora (Tito being the one with the ring who has a smaller looking neck)
 This is Meteora
Tito and Meteora
The last image being of Tito! Isn't he a cutie?
Take care and we'll see eachother again


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