9/5/2018; I'm happy, there's nothing more to say~

Hello again! I thought I might as well update the blogg once more. Life is going well, I'm finally feeling that I don't constantly have to worry or be upset as I used to. Sure there are moments and days when things go a bit wrong, but it always ends up alright in the end and I have so much more to be grateful for now and cherish my mate and all our loved ones near. Spring has also finally arrived and I can't wait to take pictures this summer and all the beautiful walks in the woods we'll be doing. We are having plans to for all of the year ahead of us and I'm also putting a lot of effort in my magical practices.
For the first time ever I actually feel like I can be me and that I can start to feel confident in myself, thanks to my mate who I owe so much for. He is the love of my life and a blessing of which I will always treasure.
We also watched eurovision song contest (the semi finals before the actual final) and so far I can say I have a few favorites but Israel is by far the coolest and a song that is catchy enough to grow on you with every time you listen. Anyway, that's all for now! Thanks for reading till here!

13 Juni 2015 - Where are you out there?

Hello, my sincere apology for not writing much here. I haven't had the motivation but I thought I might as well just write a little and post pictures of my birdies. It is summer here and I hope this summer will be a good one!

26 maj 2015 - Summer is closing in

Hej! Så ledsen för dålig uppdatering men ska försöka göra mitt bästa för att vara så aktiv som möjligt här. 
Här är lite bilder som jag tagit de senaste dagarna! Tänk, snart är det sommar, woho!

30 april 2015 - My sweeties

As usual there is never a dull moment being a parront x 
Älskar dig Bowie!!!

29 april 2015 - Photo morning with the fids

Idag var det en rolig och intressant morgon ^.^ Bowie, Miki och Selma försökte jag ta kort med och de var alla lite busiga de små liven. 
Bowie älskar att se sig själv i kameran :P Som ni kan se är hon överallt, haha. 

28 april 2015 - My flock and me

Dessa är mina änglar 💖

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