24 AUGUSTI 2011 - When is it over ?

Smile,smile fake it. You have to show, that you are happy.
Going home from school, coming back into a empty house.
Feeling like everything is falling apart.
How can I hide this pain anymore ?
Can't you see my tears inside ?
Of course you can't.
If you would look into my eyes, you'll see my broken soul.
I try so hard, to keep on fighting.
Believe that one day I will find my way home.
But each day, I lose more hope.
And I can't do it anymore.
Alone in my thoughts, I'm crying hidden from the outside.
Afraid to let anyone in, cause I've experienced a lot hurt by people.
I've been hurt a lot.
It's like a knife in you're heart.
What should I do ?
I just want to leave this all behind, and start over somewhere else.
Begin and for once in my life.
Actually follow my own secret dream.
Or maybe I should wait some years ?
But what if it's too late then ?
I had this chance, and it don't come again.
YOU, broke it for me.


Postat av: Nathalie <3

Låt ingen bestämma över dig, ditt liv är ditt egne liv och ingen ska bestämma vad du ska göra. du måste prata med någon och du kan prata med mig. jag lyssnar, jag lovar. bry dig inte om vad andra säger och gör. lev livet för du lever bara en gång. gör det du vill med din framtid. =)

ring mig om du vill prata. =) <3

// kramizar din Nathalie <3333

2011-08-24 @ 22:46:26

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