12/3 - 2012 - We're all living through it..

Like a star in the sky, I'll try to find..
A way out from here, we'll be together..
They can try to break us, to fall down and we'll still always get up..
I don't care what they think or say, I love you...
Take my hand and let us show them all...
We're always gonna have each other..
In the bad and the good..


10/3 - 2012 - A life without you, wouldn't be possible'

Woaah, it's been a while since I wrote anything here. I need to say, I just have no motivation for blogging I guess. But I told myself that this summer I will start again, also with my photographing. I love to take photos, but after going through a long period with darkness. I just lost it all, but this time I'm gonna be strong.

All of a sudden I started to listen to Miley again, but I don't complain ^_^ She's cool!

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