9/5/2018; I'm happy, there's nothing more to say~

Hello again! I thought I might as well update the blogg once more. Life is going well, I'm finally feeling that I don't constantly have to worry or be upset as I used to. Sure there are moments and days when things go a bit wrong, but it always ends up alright in the end and I have so much more to be grateful for now and cherish my mate and all our loved ones near. Spring has also finally arrived and I can't wait to take pictures this summer and all the beautiful walks in the woods we'll be doing. We are having plans to for all of the year ahead of us and I'm also putting a lot of effort in my magical practices.
For the first time ever I actually feel like I can be me and that I can start to feel confident in myself, thanks to my mate who I owe so much for. He is the love of my life and a blessing of which I will always treasure.
We also watched eurovision song contest (the semi finals before the actual final) and so far I can say I have a few favorites but Israel is by far the coolest and a song that is catchy enough to grow on you with every time you listen. Anyway, that's all for now! Thanks for reading till here!

8/4/2018; The time has come

Busy busy, but here we are again with another post a month later. I'm not too active around here but I still try my best whenever I can. So far we are mainly waiting for the summer and snow to melt, then we'll go ahead with all our plans for supporting ourselves. It's a surprise so I can't really write it here even though there aren't that many coming past my blog that much nowadays.
Moving up to the north was the best choice I've ever made. Me and my mate are happier than ever and feels as though we have come closer to one another too. It's a great feeling and I also love the fact we have our small little family. Three dogs and four birds. Can't wait till we move to our own house in a soon future and travel to America. That'll be just as amazing.
I don't quite know what else to say besides the fact I'm going to take more pictures here on out, especially when summer comes so be prepared for that!
When I look at you, I know we belong together. You and I forever ~
Me standing on top of icy snow! Didn't fall through until I walked too far in~
Some pictures of when we went to visit Sol who is my mate's mother's parrot~
These pictures is of when we went on our nightwalk and regular day walk during the fullmoon~
.....along with our feather babies, Lucifer and Morgana
A kiss to my sweet wolf~
I absolutely adore our dogs!
.....along with our feather babies, Lucifer and Morgana
We also got two new members a while ago; Tito and Meteora (Tito being the one with the ring who has a smaller looking neck)
 This is Meteora
Tito and Meteora
The last image being of Tito! Isn't he a cutie?
Take care and we'll see eachother again

8/3/2018 - New family members and a happy life

This is our beautiful doggie Kali, she's a chinese crested and she's about 10 years now. She's crazy but the cutest~
This is Bobbi and he's about 11 years. A very good dog, but sometimes kind of naughty. We love him to bits anyway and his adorable little tongue he has out a lot, haha~
Our newcomers, Lucifer the blue one and Morgana who is a lot shyer than him. They're about two months
This is me and my mate, and I can finally say that after all these years I've finally found my actual twin flame. I know I've been confused or wished to have found him sooner in other people but now I'm certain and we've both started our lives together. I've left behind me the life I was unhappy in and am taking a huge step towards happiness with my own family and it feels great. There's a lot ahead for us all and I'll try to get here sometime to update this blog as I do love it's here and I can go back to it and look at my memories in words and pictures. It's a deep feeling so to speak.
I've moved further north, where it's a lot of snow during the winter. They say this year has been worse but I do love all the winter landscape and how much more close it is to nature than in Skövde and another great thing is that we all live in a house. One day soon hopefully we'll also be getting our own house without some relative there too but just us and our fur and feather babies.
What else is there to say? Well, I can finally be my fullest self with someone with all that I have within me and who I am. I no longer have to worry about not being able to share all of that has to do with the supernatural, because he will never judge me and we do understand eachother in many different levels. I know we've had an extremly hard time thanks to someone whom I had to distance myself to eventually since it got too much. If you don't like us as a couple, not our problem. I'm happy and I'm not letting anyone take that away from me again.
Thanks for checking in, till next time, blessed may you all be~

Asshole; I will move on

Okay, so for about the thousand time in this life I've gotten my heart broken by an asshole. This time it was someone who I trusted and they still lied and cut me in my back. It's fine though, because I feel like I've learned so much from this and I mean, I'm moving forward. I'm going to America with my best friend Saga on the 17th October! It's not long from now and I'm excited. 
Obviously I'm still mighty upset and hurt by all of this, however I hope that this other someone is the one. Someone who will finally put me first and love and care for me than anyone else, just like I will them. I'm worried of course and wary because I don't want to get disappointed again. 

Utkast: Oct. 01, 2016

12 JULY 2016 - Stories are written, truth unravels the ancient

Honestly I don't even know what to say about the title at this point. I've had too many in the past years, it's hard to really figure out how to even begin these things. However, I have to say I am glad that I still am able to log onto this blog and write about my days. It's nice and to be honest relaxing. 
So, what has been happening? It's summer and the windbreeze is cooling, almost too cooling today but I cannot complain since it has been times when it is too hot to bare. Saga is taking a shower right now, so I thought I would take some time to those this. Right before I was writing a story, or should I say a continuing memory I think from a past life. I am not for certain however, so right now I don't know what to say it is. 
We'll head out for a nightwalk however and that I am looking forward to. There's a lot to look forward to. I cannot wait to finally have my arms around my beautiful mate. I miss him so much. I know that when that day comes soon hopefully, I will be the happiest girl alive. Because after searching for him for all these years, we've finally found our way back to one another. It is is amazing if you ask me. 
I'm still struggling however, like always the depression is a pain in the ass and there are times throughout the days that I just cannot take it, but having Saga and her fiance pushing me through it, it means a lot to me. I cannot thank them enough and I am glad to have the three of them. I'm grateful we got eachother and that is very meaningful to me. 
I also have been bothered about the fact I do not have photoshop anymore or a way to edit my pictures, until I looked back on my older posts and found out I had used this photoediting site for free, which is actually really good. I mean the writing stamp isn't the best, but it's better than nothing at least. So now I can finally make my pictures a little more liveful. At least whenever I'm using Saga's computer that is. 

10 JULY 2016 - Periods suck

That month when your period is weird, you have cramps from hell and on top of that have the Nigara falls in you, pretty much sucks. To keep track on this craziness I'll mention this on my blog so I'll know for future reference. 
Eitherway, a lot has been happening. Me and Saga are still trying to figure things out and find our answers which I'm feeling is going a lot better. 
When it comes to him, he came back but his phone isn't working too well so I'm going to have to wait for a while. Good thing though is that he's sage although I am still worried about things. I love him and I know we'll be okay someway or another.
PS: I got a new hair cut and I don't know why but I'm getting a familiar/deja vu feeling from it. 

6 JULY 2016 - Where are you?

That feeling when the one you love is missing and you can't do anything to find them. It sucks, because especially when you're twin flames and share such a deep connection. All the emotions are amplifying. 
We haven't spoken for four days now and even his best friend is worried. Please be alive, wherever you are. I'm not losing you after finding you after 21 years. You hear me! 
I love him. I love him, I truly love him. 

2 JULY 2016 - Life is moving

Hey, it has been a while since I last went on my blog and I figured I would write something on it, after such a long time. 
So, what has been happening? To sum it up, it has been much of a roller coaster in my life. Depression always ruining things and pretty much sticking onto me like super glue. On the other hand I now actually have a goal I will strive for and a dream I'm going to go for, simply put it. Yes, life sucks at certain times more than others but I now have found a reason to keep going. I'm just praying I will not lose that. I hope that now for once I will have my happily ever after, no matter how hard things may be as long as it'd be worth it. 
I've found the one who is my twin flame. If you don't know what that is, look it up. Eitherway, I just wish to never have to lose him or them. I feel there's a purpose for me and destiny I must fulfill. 
You always had me wrapped around your paw ❤️
I found a four leaf clover x 

27 april 2015 - Feels like forever

Det var länge sedan man skrev här sist. Månader och år har passerat förbi sedan jag skapade bloggen och hur mycket som hänt under alla dessa år är ju galet! Dock får det bli en ny start på bloggen och jag tänkte vara mer aktiv igen 😊
Visserligen finns det också några positiva som negativa nyheter. Selma, valpen som vi hade innan var vi tvungna att sälja för ca. 4 år sedan om jag inte skrivit redan. De 6 fåglarna jag alltid skrev om (vi gav bort fem när vi flyttade och Kico var den ända kvar men han dog dock något år efter det. Fortfarande ledsen över det). Saknar dem och önskar att det inte hade blivit på det sättet. 
En positiv nyhet dock är att jag har en ny flock på fem stycken papegojor ^_^ Miki och Selma (två nymfparakit honor), Lilo och Stitch (två sparvpapegojor som är ett par) och sedan min halsbandsparakit hona Bowie (som förhoppningsvis snart kommer få en partner).
Så det lär ju bli en massa nytt att skriva om men det som kommer vara kärnan i denna blogg är: djur, natur, känslor och det övernaturliga M.fl 
Bilder kommer också! 💝
Ha det så bra tills dess!

15 JANUARI 2012 - I wish you were here..

Wow, det var verkligen ett tag sedan jag sist uppdaterat bloggen. Skrev i mitt förra inlägg vilka anledningar detta berott av. Just nu är det söndag, och jag tränade styrka innan. Det var jobbigt, men värt det till 100%! Känner mig också ganska trött, och funderar på att vila idag. Även plugga till matteprovet som vi har nästa vecka.

You said you'll come back to me..
But where are you?
Can't you understand that you're all I need?
That you are the one to make me smile?
I miss you...<3

20/11 - 2011 - Störande..

Jahapp, jag vet inte hur det blir med att börja uppdatera bloggen igen. För det första har jag inget photoshop på min nya standardator, så jag kan inte direkt göra en ny header, eller redigera mina bilder. Och av någon anledning funkar inte internet på min laptop...

Vilket är ganska surt, men vad gör man?

Imorgon har vi studiedag och det är gött! ^___^

Och jag börjar starkt fundera över om jag istället ska använda min blogg som en liten diktsamling. Ifall jag känner att jag vill skriva av mig lite.. eller inte.
Känns som att jag förlorat inspirationen helt. Grr... det hade varit mycket enklare om jag hade haft photoshop/internet på min laptop. Då hade jag åtminstone kunnat göra en ny design. Den här är flera månader gammal, och bara irriterande.

Får väl se hur det blir...

Ta hand om er!

28 SEPTEMBER 2011 - I'm feeling blue..

At times I don't know where I'm going..
Where to stop, where to look or where to go..
But I guess, even when everything feels hopeless now..
I will still try my best and never give up..
Maybe one day, we'll find eachother..

That will be the best day in my whole life <3


26 SEPTEMBER 2011 - And I'm tired of waiting..

"Waiting here in line, hoping that I'll find what I've been chasing.."


24 SEPTEMBER 2011 - I guess it was my dreams again..

Egentligen vet jag inte varför, men det finns ingen anledning till att hoppas något mer.
Jag försökte verkligen, gav min tid & allt bara för att det skulle hända.
Det gjorde det inte, och min framtid kommer bara att vara ett rakt streck.
Visst ett liv, och jag kommer väl ha roliga stunder då & då.
Men det kommer aldrig att vara min sanna glädje som jag vill släppa ut.
För den finns inte mer, det tog  dem idioterna ifrån mig.
Ni krossade min dröm & lät mig tro att det fanns hopp!
Jag hatar personer som säger något, men inte håller det.
Tack vare är har jag hoppats i onödan.
Pfft, som att livet blir bättre.
Visst, klart det blir bättre.
MEN, jag kommer aldrig vara med om det som mitt hjärta & själ suktar efter.
Det som skulle få mig att bli hel igen, och för en gång skull verkligen känna äkta lycka.
Istället blir det som förr, skolan, läsa vidare, skaffa jobb & familj.
Och det är min framtid..
Klart att det är något som är en del utav livet, säger inte att det inte skulle vara viktigt.
Dock gör det ont i mig, att jag aldrig kommer uppfylla mitt "levnadsöde"..
Jag antar att det inte är meningen att jag ska få uppleva det..
Allt jag ville var att hjälpa till & vara en del utav det.
Varför inte bara säga som det är, istället för att ignorera?

Usch, detta var verkligen en negativ text..

I guess I'm just meant to live like this..

20 SEPTEMBER 2011 - What do you mean?

I can't see it anymore..
You know, hope..
I don't even know why I'm going on..
It doesn't matter...
The sound of silence..
I wish..
I could find..


I don't know where I'm supposed to go, or what I need to do..
I can't think straight, just take me out of this hell!!
Captured in the dark..
I try to escape, but there's no way..

17 SEPTEMBER 2011 - Chasing cars, more like stars..

"You're out of my life, it cuts me like knives, and now it's too late too late to say I'm sorry"

13 SEPTEMBER 2011 - Whistles in the crowd..

 I feel, okay, it sucks..

10 SEPTEMBER 2011 - No life, no life..no words to describe..

You think you know who I am?
No, you don't..
No one of you understands, and it doesn't matter how much I explain..
All you think, it's still crazy..
I wish you were here :'( Where are you?

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